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 Nationally Trusted

BDJ COMPUTER REPAIR was originally founded in Los Angeles, California. However, that hasn’t stopped our reputation from expanding. We’ve assisted people from many different states and have built such a strong relationship with dedicated clients that they ship their computers To BDJ COMPUTER REPAIR! We fix most smartphones, tablets and computers same day. If other shops turned their back against you and said it’s “unfixable” bring it to us! We are famous for servicing computers that most people can’t. If you don’t wish to repair your computer, consider selling it to us. We are so confident we can repair it, that we will buy your “broken” computer; regardless of its shape. We have consistently salvaged the worse of scenarios. Did you “drown” your phone and had water damage corrode the board for over a week? That’s a simple solution.

We have trained tirelessly to hone our skills so we can complete the task quickly and flawlessly. We save you time and ensure the best quality and price

We purchase official OEM parts wholesale directly from the manufacturer. We are authorized to resell iPhone: screens, batteries, boards and much more. Parts are always in stock and have wholesale discounts. Ask about our prices, repairs may even be less than expected with prices constantly lowering as we expand.



Macbook Repair

EEFI Removal, Backlight, Water Damage and more! We fix any model. Our most common include A1425 A1502 A1466 A1398 A1286 A1465 A1502  A1534 A1707 A1708 ME665LL A1398 and etc. Screen Replacement

Iphone & Ipad Repair


Charging Port, Digitizer Replacement, Power Button replacement, IMEI Lock, Blacklisted ,Flex Cables, Camera Swap, Touch Sensors, Broken/Cracked LCD or Glass Screen Replacement, Install Tempered Glass, Phone Unlock (Remove iCloud + Google Accounts locks) If you are unable to make it in person, we do offer assistance from the comfort of your own home through Teamviewer support.

Logic Board Repair

 We offer an expertise service for Mainboard repair on Macbooks, iphones, Ipads and imacs.


Computer Repair

Windows Upgrades (XP,Vista,7,8,10 etc), Ram Installation, Broken capacitors,Broken USB ports, Blacklist, Bricked or Bad Bios repair, Antivirus installation, Optimization, DC Charging port replacements,Graphic Cards Upgrades, Motherboard Repair, Data Transfer/Recovery, Custom gaming computers, graphic editing workstations and more.

Website Design and Hosting

Do you like this website design, we made it!
Mobile Responsive Websites, iOS / Android Apps, custom software solutions, web hosting, SEO, marketing, graphic design and more.-



BDJ Computer Repair Services

BDJ Computer Repair has been servicing the Los Angeles community since as early as 2001. Our experience and rapid repairs has made us the Go-to destination for many of our fellow Los Angelians. When other repair shops and companies face “unfixable” problems, they bring them to us! Bring us your problems and you’ll walk out delighted, knowing that by trusting BDJ COMPUTER REPAIR with your device it’ll be operating at prime conditions. You’ll tell your friends about how our swift service and rapid repairs had your computer ready same day.

We are the only, if not one of the countable, computer repair shop in Los Angeles who has access to reboiling , ultrasound, and other dedicated machinery and tools to actually repair (NOT REPLACE!) motherboard circuits and parts. This is one of the many service that other normal repair shops just can’t do.

Most of our competitors insist on taking the easy route and replacing instead of repairing. It took us years of experience to get to the level where we are now. When certain parts fail, like a motherboard, competitors replace the entire equipment instead of identifying the heart of the problem. We follow schematics of the motherboard, circuit by circuit to repair only the necessary fragments. Often times an expensive motherboard (which can cost over $500+ !), might only have a tiny piece that costs less than $5

At BDJ Computer Repair we believe that the client may not know everything about computers. That’s OK! But you are a smart person. You know to do research and find the best value, quality and price. That is exactly what we provide. Thank you for your time and visiting our website.

3271 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019

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