The Complete Solution for APPLE® products repair, quality replacement parts and reliable work.


We also Fix  Microsoft Windows® based computers and laptops.


WE FIX! main boards on Macbook Pro, Air, Imac and Iphones. As well as Windows Based PC’s

Logic Board Repair Specialist

Microsoldering & Component Level Repair Technicians

We specialize in fixing logic boards (motherboard) for Macbooks, Iphones and Ipads.
Our rates are substantially less than any Apple dealer. Other stores replace your logic board (motherboard), but we replace defective components. (diodo, resistors, capacitors, charging chip etc.)

We fix it the same day!*
Give us a chance to serve you.  Many technicians don’t care about customers and will charge them a fortune to fix their Apple device. Other technicians want to help but don’t have the knowledge or equipment to make it happen. WE DO CARE and we have the experience, the equipment, and the attitude to get the job done right the first time.

Equiped with the best!

Our technicians rely on the latest hardware to fix your device, if we need to upgrade, we do not hesitate to obtain the latest technology available.


Please read more information by pressing “More Info” or go directly to read the instructions and place the order for your repair. WE DO NOT CHARGE WHEN YOU ORDER, we will need to get your repair order and contact you back with the diagnostic and price.

Iphone & Ipad repair

The IPHONE is one the best smartphones in the market today. As prices go higher on every new model, it is important to recognize the need to be able to fix this essential devices in today’s world.
We specialize in
Fixing the logic board, repairing Cracked Screens, Audio and Power connectivity problems, Home buttons, back light and more…
Quality Parts

Our replacement parts are very affordable and the best quality in the market. We work fast and can repair your damage phone or ipad in 15 minutes in most cases. Same day repair available and you can opt to come to our store or send your part by mail.
We Care

We know how important is your data. So we will make our best to fix your board. When possible, this option will keep your pictures, contacs and any special data you may have.

We can Fix:

iPhone Motherboard
Logic Board Repair
No Touch
Touch IC
Touch Disease
Backlight Repair
Dim Screen
Dead iPhone
No Power
Won’t turn on
No Boot
No Service
No Image
Won’t Charge
Water Damage
Stays on Apple Logo
FPC Connector
iPad Mini digitizer connector
iPhone Connector


Wheter you use your Macbook at home, school or business, we know how important is for you to have your Macbook problem be fix asap!
Most jobs will be performed inmediatelly and with the best replacement parts in the market.

Macbook Liquid Repair (We Repair your logic board without replacing it)

No Display

No Battery charge

No Backlight

No Power with Battery

No power with AC

Our Average repair success rate is high about 95% The different repair process, the better solution for you!

Our Story

BDJ COMPUTER REPAIR was originally founded in Los Angeles, California. However, that hasn’t stopped our reputation from expanding. We’ve assisted people from many different states and have built such a strong relationship with dedicated clients that they ship their computers To BDJ COMPUTER REPAIR! We save you time and ensure the best quality and price

  • Repair Skills 97%
  • Customer Satisfaction 95%
  • Latest Repair Equipment 91%
  • Warranty on Repairs 100%